Raila Junior honours his promise to SWAT

AU Envoy’s younger son Raila Junior has fulfilled his promise to the upcoming Ethic group popularly known for their hit song Lamba lolo.

While taking to his instagram page Junior posted a picture with the youngster group captioning, ” In the shizhouse @ethicentertainment word! Massive coming out Thursday #pandana

This comes days after the son of Kenya’s Opposition Chief, Raila Odinga, expressed interest in helping SWAT – a member of the group.

In a recent interview Junior said that he was impressed with SWAT’s style of music and raw talent and was seeking ways in which he can propel him and the group further.

“I have been listening to his songs for a while now, and his choice of words is amazing. His giftedness is currently being appreciated internationally. SWAT’s style of music will propel him to greater heights,

“I wish to know his background. That would help me know what kind of assistance I can offer him should he need one. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for him. Should he want me to put up a recording label for him and his group members, I am ready.

“If he wants me to help them get shows, I would book them for several gigs. I am ready to do all that because SWAT has shown how much of a talented rapper he is,” said Junior.

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