Matiangi Takes A Wrong Lane! Joins Ruto In Refuting Reports Of Hunger Deaths!

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A chief in Baringo County who revealed that a man had died of starvation had been sacked for drunkenness, Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has said.

Mr Matiang’i, while appearing on a radio interview at Kameme FM, said that the man did not have authority to comment on any official matter since he has been relieved of his duties.

Huyo ambaye anajifanya ni chief na aliongea na waandishi wa habari, huyo sio chief, huyo mtu alisimamishwa kazi ya kuwa chief long time ago kwa sababu ya ulevi. Mimi nawashauri wakenya tafadhali wakati mwengine ni vizuri tuelewe yale tunayo yazungumzia. Nchi yetu iko na chakula cha kutosha,” he added.

He did not name the chief by name. But Yatya chief Jackson Ketany has been quoted in media saying that a man had died of hunger.

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But according to Dr Matiangí, no life has been lost due to hunger in Baringo County as it is being reported in the media.

Ni kweli kwamba hakika hatujapoteza maisha kutokana na njaa. Kuna watu wamekufa na kama kawaida watu hufa lakini sio media kutudanganya watu wamekufa kwa sababu ya njaa,” Dr Matiang’i said.

Matiang’i seem to have joined the tanga tanga movement leader and other politicians who claim that no deaths have been caused by hunger.


Leaders from the affected areas are actually confirming that there is hunger and trully people have died of hunger


There has been an uproar on social media following the circulation of pictures of starving citizens in arid and semi-arid parts of the country, with reports indicating that there have been deaths from starvation.

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Even so, government officials, including Rift Valley Regional Coordinator Mongo Chimwanga, have maintained that these deaths have been caused by other reasons and not starvation.

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