Kenya yet to receive foreign aid as Tanzania sends relief food to Mozambique

Tanzania has on Wednesday dispatched relief supplies to support victims of the devastating tropical cyclone that hit Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique leaving thousands displaced and more than 1,000 people feared dead.

Tanzania sends relief food to flood-ravaged African countries as Kenya battles devastating starvation

President John Pombe Magufuli’s government flagged off 200 tonnes of maize and 17 tonnes of rice to go towards supporting the three disaster-ravaged southern Africa countries where many were left homeless by the deadly cyclone Idai.

Receiving the support on behalf of her country, Mozambican Ambassador to Tanzania, Monica Mussa, thanked President Magufuli and the Government of Tanzania for the assistance saying it will help to save lives of many people who are in dire need of food, medicine and shelter.

The Malawian Ambassador, Glad Chembe Munthali thanked the Government and explained that the immediate support has revealed brotherhood, good-neighborliness and a close relationship between the two countries.

However, unlike Tanzania, Kenya did not send any aid to the affected southern Africa nations as this came at a time when the the country was also grappling with its own share of disaster.

The northern part of Kenya has been ravaged by drought and famine with more than 1.1 million people staring at starvation according to deputy president William Ruto.

President Uhuru has sent condolences to the deceased.

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