It’s a goodies affair for Ugenya residents as they prepare for the 5th April by-elections

The Ugenya Constituency seat fell vacant after former Ugenya MP Christopher Karan was declared by the Supreme Court not to have been legally elected and the voting is expected to go down on 5th next month.

Siaya Governor Cornell Rasanga has threatened to freeze development Ugenya constituency if residents do not vote for ODM candidate Chris Karan in an April 5 by-election.

Karan, whose 2017 election was nullified by the court, is facing stiff competition from former MP David Ochieng of the MDG party.

Christopher Karan

Speaking at Bar Denge during campaigns on Monday, Rasanga warned voters against defying the ODM party. Bar Denge centre is a stone throw away from Ochieng’s home.

“You risk losing county goodies if you don’t vote for ODM candidate Chris Karan,” Rasanga said.

The by-election has attracted four candidates including Daniel Juma of GDDP and Brian Omondi of Thirdway Alliance Party.

Brian Omondi,who is running on a Third Way Alliance ticket

Rasanga said devolution brought many goodies and that will won’t be happy if Ugenya residents miss a share because of a by-election. He urged voters to re-elect Karan so he can complete his term.

Rasanga also warned community health workers from Ugenya that they risk losing their jobs if they don’t vote for Karan. The workers are on the county payroll.

“Just like ODM party leader Raila Odinga said we should not embarrass him in the  by-election elections, it is the same way community health workers on county payroll should not embarrass me,” Rasanga said.

The asked the workers to use their network to campaign for Karan.

The ODM Party has launched campaigns with rallies throughout the constituency even as Ochieng opted for door-to-door campaigns. The strategy is contrary to that which Ocheing used in the 2017 election when he conducted rallies to marshall up votes.

The former MP has often told journalists interested in covering his campaigns that he will need them after the by-election. “Right now, I don’t want to comment anything to the media. I will comment after April 5,” Ochieng said.

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