Divorcee Pastor Explains How Dangerous It Is For Woman To Practice Sex Before Marriage

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Robert Burale renown divorcee pastor warns ladies they risk losing all their value if they engage in sex before marriage

The man of God, in an impressive resolve since his divorce, as he has taken lengthy celibacy, avoiding intimacy with any lady.’

And that was the exact advice Burale had for ladies in a society which seems to have adopted a casual sex culture all too easily.

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While speaking during the 8th Annual Malaika Tribute Awards, Burale warned the ladies that having intercourse before marriage was not only sinful, but it significantly lowers the value of the lady in question.

“Number one rule, no sex before marriage. The ladies, the moment you allow a man to sleep with you, your value goes from a hundred to zero in one night. Let him enjoy the benefits on your wedding night,” he urged.

This is not the first time Burale has offered a bitter pill of truth to the youth who perhaps are aspiring to lead a life with less ignorance when it came to relationships.

The father-of-one, also recently warned men against dating a friend’s ex as he deemed the act dishonorable and against the rules of engagement.

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