Ruto Woes! Senator Ledama ole Kina Wants Ruto Arrested Over Graft

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Many Kenyans have been expressing their anger towards DP Ruto over His reactions towards the war on graft and specifically the Arror and Kimwarer Dam scandal.

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Ruto has been speaking in a manner suggesting that he actually knows the amount that was lost in the scandal. If he knows, then he is the right person to question. however, the DCI seems reluctant to do so.

The impatient Narok Senator Ledama ole Kina has come out daring the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to arrest Deputy President William Ruto over claims of corruption saying there should be no fear or favor.

Other politicians have been pushing for Ruto’s arrest

Ledama who spoke this in Kilgoris town on Tuesday expressed regret that Kenyans are becoming poorer by the day with some suffering from starvation following the drought.

“Ndiposa tunasema Bwana DCI fanya kazi yako…..kama ni Deputy President weka yeye ndani…kama ni nani….weka ndani…hii maneno ya ukora ambayo tunakaa na shida mingi kwa sababu ya watu wachache wanachukua pesa yetu yote ya Kenya nzima lazima ikome,” he said.

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According to the Senator, a few individuals are walking scot-free even after evidence has been presented of theft of taxpayers money.

The fiery politician reiterated that the DCI must be left to independently execute his mandate as per the Constitution.

The Narok Senator was speaking at the funeral of the Daniel Rudisha, father to David Rudisha, the world 800 meters record holder.

He further castigated politicians for insulting ODM leader Raila Odinga saying petty politics must be shunned since the March handshake was meant to resolve the election standoff.

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