NEMA cautions Kenyans on single usage of non-woven polypropylene carrier bags

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Part of an essential method of human survival is the protection of our environment which involves safeguarding the future through our current hobbies.

NEMA has revealed the introduction of the non-woven polypropylene carrier bags in the market was meant to replace the banned polythene bags but now alarm has been raised over flooding of over substandard non-woven bags into the Kenyan market.

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They stated plastic ban has since been misused by traders and manufacturers who have introduced low-quality carrier bags.

“Due to the rising need of the non-woven bags in the market, It has been noted that over time that manufacturers of these bags are producing very ‘low gauge’ poor quality non-woven bags which cannot be used multiple times after but are disposed of after single usage”.

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On August 28, 2017, Nema gave clarifications on acceptable alternative options to the plastic carrier bags which were affected by the ban on usage of plastic bags.

Nema has further cautioned that single-usage of these bags will eventually lead to heavy environmental consequences due to poor disposal.

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