Museveni Gives Deported MTN CEO, Vanhellputte Second Chance To Return To Uganda

MTN CEO Wim Vanhellputte is yet return back to Uganda after president Museveni agreed his pleas to return back to the country under conditions that are put up by the government.

The President is said to have given Vanhellputte a chance to return to Uganda during a meeting with MTN Group CEO Rob Shuter, MTN Uganda Board Chairman Charles Mbire and acting Uganda CEO Gordian Kyomukama during their meeting at the Africa Now Conference last week

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The discussion between the president and the MTN officials is that there was a plea from the MTN executives towards the president on behalf of Vanhellputte saying that the latter is a Ugandan who has lived in the country for more than five years in the country and he has a Ugandan wife Barbra Adoso and that the two have children together.

The MTN bosses also informed the President that Adoso is the daughter of former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works, Engineer George William Owaraga, who worked in the 1970s.

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This is said to have concerned Mr Museveni who said he knew Engineer Owaraga at a personal level and that the latter had also served under the NRM government.

The revelation comes after Vanhelleputte sued the government of Uganda, challenging his deportation on grounds that it was irrational and illegal.

However, there has been an ongoing investigation against more MTN staff for allegedly compromising National Security using their positions at the company.

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