Lawyer Nyakundi’s Murder Case Takes a Whole New Twist

The case involving Lawyer Assa Nyakundi takes a whole new twist as the Director of Criminal Investigation is now investigating whether the accused murdered his own son in cold blood or accidentally.

Sleuths investigating the case stated the narrative of an accidental shooting was not adding up. However, they were still waiting for the full report from the forensic experts.

Reports from a local publishing site indicate, for the lawyer’s son to have been hit on the chest, police state the hand holding the firearm could have been raised horizontally, with the elbow fully extended.

“Though it is too early to tell what transpired, it points to intentional, and not accidental shooting,” noted a senior police officer.

A postmortem, which is expected to be conducted on Wednesday will reveal some details including; whether the deceased sustained contact(gun in direct contact to the body) or near-contact wounds(gun not in contact to the body but very close).

On Monday, neighbours revealed they did not hear any gunshots within the vicinity of the neighbourhood, which is considered very quiet.

They also described the slain son as a person with high spirits and always jovial.

“There is no single day he would meet you and not engage you in small talk,” Samwir, a worker said.

Nyakundi is a licensed firearm holder and his Glock pistol is equipped with three independent safety measures according to an Austrian manufacturer.

On Monday, the DCI spent time in Nyakundi’s property, trying to get some information. They interviewed the lawyer’s wife and househelp.

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