Kenyans react to Nameless photo grabbing Wahu’s booty (photos)

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Nameless and his wife Wahu still act like teenage lovers despite having been married for 13 years.

For years now they have been known as the power couple in the entertainment industry and it seems that they won’t stop anytime soon.

Just a few hours singer Nameless shared a new photo with his wife but what caught many peoples attention is how he was holding his wife.

Well, it’s not everyday we see our celebrity couple getting romantic on social media but as for Nameless; he is not afraid to show the world he loves his wife!

From the comments most people definitely admired this beautiful moment between the couple; while others couldn’t help but crack a joke on two about the photo. 

Size 8 who was among the top people to comment went on to write saying;

Uwiiiiiii mkono iko kwa shamba yako

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