“I Want To Die With Nothing.”Popular Pastor And Fashion Guru States.

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Pastor Robert Burale

Motivational Speaker and Pastor Robert Burale is one of the most accomplished speakers in Kenya. The man is smooth and eloquent, delivering nuggets of truth.

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He recently spoke during the Malaika Awards and congratulated the participants, noting that they lived life with a verve and joy despite living with disability.

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The Pastor explained that the rumours and allegations that have swirled around him don’t bother him as he is a public figure who has made mistakes. Mistakes that he clarified he is learning from. He said his mission of helping people is what keeps him steadfastly-going.

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He added that a woman shouldn’t go to a man’s house on the first, second or third date. He said that only when boundaries of respect had been established between the couple, should a lady even fathom going to a man’s home. What was his advice to young gospel artistes?

Burale said the biggest lesson he has learnt from Daddy Owen, the founder of the awards, is: “You don’t have to do things for yourself; be selfless.

Gospel Star,Daddy Owen.

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