Why Sergio Aguero’s socks have Man City fans worried

Manchester City are preparing for a huge end to the season as they battle for a historic quadruple.

Their Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup hopes are all well and truly alive and star striker Sergio Aguero is set to be a crucial part of their run-in.

Yet fans are now worried about a potential injury concern for the Argentinian striker – caused by something unusual they spotted about his socks.

Aguero came on for Riyad Mahrez in the 64th minute of Saturday’s dramatic FA Cup win over Swansea and seemed to have different coloured socks to his team-mates.

It turned out he had cut the top and bottom off his Nike socks and was wearing the middle of the sock halfway down his leg in order to hold his shin pads in place.

Although many people noticed something strange, it was unclear why Aguero would modify his socks in this way.

However, it has been suggested that the move is to reduce calf pressure and give him more freedom – sparking concerns he may have a niggling injury in the area.

He has been wearing his socks in this way since January 2019, and City fans will be hoping he has not got any issues with his calf he is trying to manage.

Aguero is not the only City player to modify his socks.

Kyle Walker still wears his with holes cut in the back to reduce the pressure on his calves.

Aguero will now get a rest during the international break having been left out of Argentina’s squad.

He’ll be needed fresh and fully fit for a crucial run of fixtures entering the business end of the campaign.

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