Harmonize addresses the allegations of overthrowing Diamond at WCB

The ‘Kwangwaru’ hit maker, Harmonize, has been rumoured that he is working hard to overthrow his boss, Diamond Platinumz. He vehemently denied claims he is planning to ditch Wasafi Classic Baiby(WCB), a label owned by Diamond.

In an interview, he said; “I do not want to talk about that, it is not fair at all. Please ask me about something else. You need to understand that I am growing everyday as a musician, and with the growth, people will say all manner of things.

You as journalists need to ignore some stories, not everything people talk about online is true. Sometimes people publicise things that can not really happen. I am like a baby born at WCB, it is hard to fight with my father or ditch my home.”

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