Embattled DP Ruto dares Raila to do this if he’s man enough for 2022

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Embattled Deputy President William Ruto, who was speaking during the thanksgiving ceremony of Ainamoi MP Sylvanus Maritim, told opposition leader Raila Odinga to return to the opposition benches and wait for the 2022 presidential duel.

“Odinga with his litany of lies is now into the dam projects of which he claims huge sums of money have been stolen. How long does Raila think he can fool us? We know his political game. We must now be firm and ensure that this Government delivers. That is how we are going to change Kenya. Let Odinga go back to the opposition and continue his opposition work.

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“I have built friendship across the country and we are going to teach Raila a political lesson when the right time comes,” Ruto said.

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu, who represented Mt Kenya region leaders, assured Ruto that central Kenya would back his presidential bid.

“I was with President Kenyatta the other day and from my keen observation, he hasn’t changed his mind to support Dr Ruto after his second five-year term,” Mr Waititu said.

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Mr Murkomen called for Raila’s arrest “for committing treason during his swearing-in as the people’s president”. “We want to revisit Odinga’s criminal activities. He committed a treasonable act. It doesn’t matter how many votes he got. He is not immune to prosecution,” he said.

But ODM leaders Edwin Sifuna, Rongo MP Paul Abuor and Nairobi Woman Rep Esther Passaris dared Murkomen to follow through with his threat.

“Murkomen is an embarrassment to the lawyers of this country. He should know what constitutes treason. He should be the last person to attack the DCI. We have not forgotten how his law firm was revealed to have benefited from the NYS I scandal,” said Mr Sifuna. 

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