Possible Changes You May See in 2022 World Cup

FIFA have made a decision which could change the whole outlook of the 2022 FIFA World Cup which is scheduled to be held in Qatar.

Already a lot has been written about the FIFA World Cup’s host nation for violating human rights and also about the fact that just to incorporate Qatar, the World Cup will is a summer affair has been shifted to November.

And now the governing body of football have cleared a proposal which could see 48 teams participating in the next FIFA World Cup – instead of the usual 32.

“We came to conclusion, yes it’s feasible to move from 32 to 48 teams at the World Cup provided certain conditions are met,” Infantino said.

“Since we decided in January 2017 that we should increase teams in 2026, and following a request from the 10 South American associations whether it is feasible to do this for 2022. 90 per cent are in favour of an increase but it’s not as easy as that.

“We have to analyse matters carefully and we are working closely with Qatar.

“We know the situation in the Gulf region,

“We are in the lucky position of being in football, and that means you can only care about football. I was pleased with the reaction of the Qataris. We don’t want to regret not analysing the decision.”

The 2022 Qatar World Cup’s Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy released a statement later in the day, saying:

“We have been open to the process of discussing a potential expansion of the World Cup in 2022 to 48 teams since discussions started in Moscow and continued in Kigali.

“Our openness was based on our commitment to hosting a FIFA World Cup that benefits our region and its people in the best way possible. It has always been our mission to ensure that this World Cup belongs to the entire Arab World and the Middle East.”

Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman and the United Arab Emirates are possible options for co-hosting the FIFA World Cup of 2022 but first, they will have to sort out the diplomatic disputes.

The FIFA World Cup is scheduled to move into a 48-team tournament when the glittering event moves to North America in 2026.

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