KWS inhumanity towards residents exposed in big assault case

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Kenyan men in uniform are winning the trophy of violence with all their crime reports coming in lately.Just days after a US report indicates alarm over human rights abuse by Uhuru’s government,KWS is already on the spot for disgracing violation.

Four Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) officers are in police custody in Gichugu Constituency, Kirinyaga County over the alleged murder of a 47-year-old man and assault of two people at Kamwana village in Mt. Kenya forest.

According to the two victims, they were three in number when the KWS rangers ambushed them in the forest last Tuesday and began attacking them until one of them (victims) collapsed.

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The two survivors were then arrested and taken to Kianyaga Police Station, where they were booked on illegal logging charges.

When the two were arraigned in court, they revealed that one of their colleagues was left unconscious in the forest after they were brutally assaulted by the rangers.

According to Kirinyaga County Police Commander Leah Kithei, the four KWS officers were immediately arrested and a search began for the missing man 47-year-old Willy Nyaga.

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The four rangers were arraigned at the Kirinyaga Law Courts on Friday on assault charges but were detained pending investigations.

On Saturday, however, the missing man was found dead with his body dumped at Nyamindi River.

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