Matiang’i warn politicians against incitements and Intimidation

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Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has warned politicians against incitements.

The Cs states that the government wont allow such as it will brings about polarization in the Country.

Speaking in Laikipia County in a meeting attended by locals and politicians,the Cs noted that some politicians in the Country thrive through incitements.

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“The government will not allow politicians to gain popularity throw incites,we will deal with you properly,”he said.

Dr. Matiang’i gave a stern warning to anyone who’ll be caught inciting people to take up arms against each other especially in instances when undertones of political 2 | P a g e incitement are partly to blame.

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“We are aware that some politicians use such opportunities to incite people. Let me be clear, no one will politick at the expense of others. We will no longer lose lives because people want to play politics,” he said.

Matiang’i wondered why politicians should earn political mileage at the expense of the community.

He urged the local administrate to alert and arrest anyone inciting the community against each other.

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