Wrong timing! Husband kills Mpango wa kando as he tried to sneak into their house

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A man who was hungry for sharing his wife from Suna East in Migori County is in police custody after he allegedly hacked to death his wife’s ‘mpango wa kando’.

George Oronde, 40, ruthlessly murdered 32-year-old Fredrick Odoyo Chacha Wednesday night as he [Chacha] attempted to sneak into Oronde’s Ngege Village home.

It is reported Chacha did not know that his alleged lover’s husband was in the house.

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Neighbours had told Oronde, who works in Kisumu, that Chacha frequented his house, when he was away.

The area chief says, Chacha saw Oronde leaving his house in the evening, and he [Chacha] thought he had left for Kisumu.

Oronde, however, returned home and – seemingly – his wife hadn’t warned Chacha that her husband was present, area chief said.

Following the killing of Chacha, the victim’s angry kinsmen stormed Oronde’s home and set on fire two houses belonging to the suspect and his late mother.

“Both houses were reduced to ashes. The value of property destroyed in the fire would be revealed later,” said Suna East Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Daniel Mutiso.

The irate group’s attempts to burn down more houses and destroy more property were thwarted as police arrived at the scene and restored order. No one was injured during the confrontation or fire incident.

Oronde’s wife, who is in her thirties, fled her matrimonial home during the melee, and her whereabouts remain unknown to date.

Chacha was taken to Migori Level Four Hospital, where he died shortly after being admitted. His body was moved to the hospital’s mortuary.

Oronde surrendered himself at Rongo Police Station on Friday, acknowledging he killed Chacha.

Suna East DCC Daniel Mutiso says the suspect will be arraigned once investigations into the incident are completed.

Oronde and his wife are parents to two children.

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