Pray to God I dont catch you preying on school girls, Mogoha warns Predator MPs

The incoming cabinet secretary for Education Prof George Magoha has warned the Members of Parliament who are ford of using and preying on school girls and destroying their young lives.

During his vetting Magoha strongly assured to punish any MP who is caught pursing a school girl.

In his statement at the vetting panel he said, “Should this House approve my nomination, then pray to God that I won’t get you asking a schoolgirl to open [their] legs for you,” 

In addition he said that he would lobby more on openness when it comes to sex education in schools.

The former Vice Chancellor promised to shape up the foundation of the new curriculum. He called for adequate funding to ensure successful implementation.

According to Magoha, “In fact, we’re way behind in curriculum reforms. Rwanda has done it. South Sudan has done it. I mean this is something Kenya should be leading and our sister countries following … I’m going to sleep the curriculum, wake up the curriculum.”

His remarks come days after the education leaders complained about the release of literature books by the government siting delay in completing the syllubus.

Prof Magoha is determined to take thorough action on any official in his ministry who is engaged in corruption deals.

This comes after at a time when most ministries have been named in a numerous corruption scandals including the Youth Affairs Ministry where NYS money was lost as well as the treasury which is the recent scandal which have seen 21 billion lost which was meant for the construction of Arror and Kimwarer dam.

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