Parents with children asked to be extra vigilant after a man tried to defile a girl at Java

Parents with small children have been asked to be extra vigilant on allowing children to go washrooms alone especially in restaurants.

This came after a man was brutally beaten and finally arrested after he was caught trying to  defile an six year old child at a washroom at Java House restaurant in Karen.

A twitter user posted the incident asking parents to be extra vigilant while at public restaurants.

“Kindly be extra vigilant for those of us with small children. Kindly don’t allow them go unsupervised to washrooms in public places. Today I witnessed an about 8yr girl almost defiled at Java, Karen in the washrooms. She screamed her heart out and we heard from outside and she was rescued. The guy was beaten up crazy and the police were called and he was arrested. It was traumatizing. Talked to her and the mum and helped how we could.. I pray they access counselling,”she wrote.

Java House Karen confirmed the incident that took place in the restaurant, the man has since been arrested and is being held at the Karen police station.

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