Messi and Ronaldo Are Blessed and Cursed, Says Mourinho

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are blessed and cursed to be playing in the same era.

That’s the opinion of former Manchester United and Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho, who thinks the pair would have bagged more awards if the other wasn’t around.

“I think they are lucky and they are unlucky to be in the same generation,” Mourinho told RT show On the Touchline.

“They are lucky because they can compete against each other, they are lucky because they look to each other, in a positive way, they get extra motivation with the things they do, the number of hat-tricks, the number of champions, the number of gold boots.

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“They are unlucky because if there is only one of them, they would have like 10 golden balls, golden boots.”

The two players are admittedly the best players in the world and both of them have almost won every award, which them seem to be interchanging among themselves.

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