KWS Gives Strict Conditions For Compensation to Man Who bit a Hyena’ nose

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The Kenya Wildlife Service will compensate a Kajiado teacher who was attacked and seriously injured by a hyena on Valentine’s Day if he produces medical records.  But John Matipei doubts the agency’s willingness to pay him. He met senior KWS warden Joseph Kisio at the Kajiado KWS office accompanied by his wife.

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Matipei’s attack drew international attention after it was highlighted by the media. He bit the hyena’s nose as it mauled his left thigh. On Thursday, the Kajiado branch of the Kenya National Union of Teachers questioned why KWS did not take care of their member’s hospital bills. 

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“He told us that compensation will be based on the extent of the injuries I received from the hyena attack. They want all the medical receipts, which will later be compiled before I’m compensated,” said Matipei. He said that from the way Kisio spoke, he doesn’t see himself getting a penny from KWS. “He said KWS will only start processing my compensation after I have completely healed. This means I will have to go for several months before it happens.”

The teacher’s hands require physiotherapy at Sh10,000 per session. His doctor recommended two physiotherapy sessions per week. “My NHIF card does not cover physiotherapy. I come to Kajiado Hospital twice a week, along with my wife, for wounds dressing and all these require money,” he said.

County secretary Elly Korinko said Matipei was left to foot the bills even after the service had been informed of the attack. He accused the KWS of ignoring the teacher and refusing to pay his transport expenses to hospital.  “As a union, we are not happy by what KWS is displaying. Matipei is now incapacitated and cannot go back to work soon. He spent almost a month in hospital with his wife, leaving their young children unattended to back home, and KWS is not even concerned about him,” Korinko said.

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Matipei appealed to the government to post more teachers to Emukutani Primary School where he is the deputy head. Korinko said, “Teachers are under pressure to make children pass national examinations in an environment that is wild to teachers and pupils. Wild animals are moving free all over and their safety is not guaranteed. Today we have seen how KWS is conducting itself.” 

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