Harmonize reveals why he celebrated his Birthday in the Village

Tanzanian Artist Harmonize has explained why he decided to celebrate his birthday in the village.

The Singer said that he really felt like being with people who are so close to him and there was no better place to be than home.

Harmonize also revealed a part of him that not many of his fans know about. The Singer says that he used to live with his father when he was young since he did not want him to be with the mother.

As he grew up, Harmonize says that he used to stay with his mother more out of the love they have for each other.

In the Village environment harmonize says that it is so peaceful and calm and the fact that he has his family around is what gives him joy on his big day.

Harmonize today  visited his former primary school, went to play football in the Ndanda FC team, had a cake cutting session with his supporters in his neighborhood and is expected to perform during a show later in the evening.

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