Wow! Pastor Beats Cogregation With Plastic Chair To Cast Out Demons

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Pastor in church

Of late, religion has been tinted fake pastors competing to prove who is the maestro when it comes to performing ‘miracles.’ One South African pastor left people confused when he lied about miraculously resurrecting a dead man.

Funny enough, this is just a tip of the iceberg. A viral Instagram video brought the internet to a standstill when a pastor was spotted literally beating out demons from a helpless woman.

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Lakini these fake pastors wamezidi sasa.

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The church which was definitely African had a few plastic chairs and a loudspeaker that constantly echoed the chants of the supposed preacher. A lady lay on the ground as she awaited divine intervention.

The pastor who seemingly thought he was transferring power grabbed one of the plastic chairs while still holding onto his microphone.

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He then pummeled the lady repeatedly as he chanted continuously while walking back and forth. The lady screamed as she twisted and turned on the floor. This was just a regular day, in a regular church, during a regular service. Oh how pastors have lost their way.

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