We Are Tired!!!!!!Kenyan Women Bash a Top Company.

Always Sanitary towels that has created an uproar on Social media

Always Kenya, a manufacturing company that produces Sanitary towels has denied claims that they’ve been producing low quality pads.Kenyans on Social media have kept on sending pictures comparing the types of quality sanitary towels.

But Always insists in a statement that tweeters are not comparing like-for-like.

“We find that comparisons on look, feel are being made with our Always Maxi Thick in Kenya vs our Always Soft in another country,” the company said in a statement.

Through the #MyAlwaysExperience thread, Kenyans complained of rashes, plastic covering used making the pads unbreathable, scented pads being smelly after use and discomfort from the heat.

Way to go Kenyan women! Clearly the power of social media is evident.

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