“The breasts are changing..”,Magoha pushes for body lessons

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During Professor George Magoha’s vetting for the Education Cabinet Secretary post underway in parliament following his appointment by president Uhuru Kenyatta during a cabinet reshuffle, he was asked to express his opinion over sex Education.

Magoha stated that having worked at Kenya National Examinations Council and seeing 11 and 10 year olds getting pregnant some of them by teachers plus when you cheque the internet the pornographic sites are open;

“It is better the parent start speaking with the child and also the teachers who will start teaching them.So that the child understands her body,the breasts are changing.What is it that is happening to the body?

Prof. George Magoha

The nominee insisted that parents should take responsibility over the issue.

Do you agree with Magoha?

Magoha on NEMIS registration: On the issue of birth certificates for Nemis Registration, Prof. Magoha says no child will be denied a chance to get an education.  He says failure is not in his vocabulary, he has always excelled in what he did.

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