Sad! Njambi Koikai exposes media station which fired her for being sick

Njambi Koikai is a well known media personality in Kenya and also a celebrated reggae queen. She has been in hospital for quite a period of time battling endometriosis. Through a throw back photo, Njambi has shared a story of how she got fired while she had just started working at KBC for her condition.

She wrote; “Hey fam…a lil tbt…upcoming TV news anchor. I have tonnes of black outfits. This is because I’ve always had a crazy flow during my period. In high school, i lost count of how many times my period would be dripping all the way to my legs and me fainting at assembly.

The heavy clots during my period were also something that the doctors dismissed as normal.
During my TV anchoring days, i called in sick so many times until i was dropped from the schedule. 
Endometriosis has caused women to become former shells of themselves.

This disease has been eating us up for years. Treating it takes time. It’s expensive. It’s inaccessible for most women. So most of our sisters suffer in silence. We have to be the change we believe in. We have to speak up until we are heard that this disease is destroying lives just as cancer is. 176

million is not a just a number. These are lives.
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