Prison break: How criminals planned to free Iranian terrorists from Kamiti

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Two suspects accused of plotting to facilitate the escape of two Iranian nationals detained at the Kamiti Maximum Prison over terrorism-related charges were on Wednesday detained for two more days while the third suspect remians out on bond.

Wesley Kiptanui Kipkemoi (Kenyan prison warder), and Shemgrant Agyei (Ghanaian businessman) were detained following a successful application by the prosecution after completion of their earlier 10-day detention period as reported by Citizen.

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Senior Prosecution Counsel Duncan Ondimu told Resident Magistrate Zainabu Abdul that CCTV cameras in areas under investigation are no longer working, adding that there is suspicion that they might have been interfered with.

The alleged areas are around Westands, near Westgate mall and its parking lot, where police believe the suspects held their meetings before they were arrested.

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Mr. Ondimu told the court that the investigating team has since carried out data analysis from the suspects’ M-Pesa accounts and marked several accounts where they sent money within the period they were under investigation.

The two Iranians whose escape was allegedly being planned are Ahmad Abolfathi Mohammed and Sayed Mansour Mousav who are being held in relation to terrorism activities in the country.

Two suspects detained longer over plot to free Iranians from Kamiti Prison

The court was further told that the three suspects, with the help of a senior diplomat at the Iranian Embassy, were to unlawfully secure the release of the Iranians being detained at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison pending an appeal decision at the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is set to deliver its judgement on March 15, 2019 on the fate of the two Iranians; the same day the three alleged escape planners will also be presented back before a magistrate court.

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