Nothing to Smile About As Billions Offered to Ethiopian Plane Crash Victims Can’t Even Bring a Dead Fly to Life

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Life they say is sacred and nothing actually compares to life. It is better to be alive and miserable than dead and totally useless.

Even at that, we all know that death is inevitable and that we shall all ultimately die. The only difference we have is when and how we will die.

With this in mind, Is there a painful and a peaceful death?

The Ethiopian Plane Crash is one of those causes of death we all wouldn’t want to ever be part of. Many people prefer dying in their sleep than in a plane crash.

It is such a painful death that not only takes your life but also takes away some of the memories your family could have had left of you.

Victims get burnt down, some to ashes meaning that families even get a hard time identifying their loved ones for burial. Some people are also never buried at all.


What then is the proper way to handle such families? The first thing would be to offer counselling after which compensation should follow.

With this in mind, it has been revealed that each of the families of the Ethiopian Airline crash victims could receive as much as Sh17 million. This figure is based on the Montreal Convention.

The treaty, adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organisation, stipulates that “if an airline is found at fault for an accident, each affected passenger is to get a minimum value equal to 113,100 special drawing rights”.

This type of plane crash compensation currently equals approximately $170,000 per passenger.

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The Money looks good but it will not bring back the dead back to life.

Life is sacred.

In the past, however, there have been limitations placed on victims for what they can recover from an airline under the international treaties and laws.

But if it can be proven that an airline did not take all required precautions for a flight, there will be no limit to what a victim can recover.

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