Maseno Students drinking KEG like it is water from the fountain of youth

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Well, all that is changing considerably with the presence of an environment that encourages misconduct around the institutions- bars, liquor stores and clubs. Today, there are more liquor stores than bookshops or even normal shops around universities and colleges.

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It is a common sight to come across bars and liquor stores in very close proximity when you take a walk around the university premises on any given day. Despite their large number, these bars are always filled to the brim with students drinking seven days a week. It is uncommon to walk into any on a select evening of any day and find it half full or empty. There is sometimes no place for those who arrive later than 5:30 in the evening.

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The drinking goes on and on. Deep into the night, you will still see the students struggling to find their way to the hostels. Some are robbed while others voluntarily give away their valuables under the influence. It is utterly disgusting looking at a completely drunk student pursuing some prestigious degree at the university and seemingly brighter than the state they are in. The remedy is yet to be engineered.

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Irresponsible students with no plan of how they make use of the little money their parents struggle so hard to send them have fallen prey to the sellers’ tricks. The university administration and the County Government of Kisumu should work hard in hand to address this menace early enough. 

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