Governor Ottichilo unmasks ghost workers after a man wired 500K to wife

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Vihiga Governor Wilber Ottichilo has unmasked individuals responsible for illegally transferring public fund to wife.

The rogue officer was arrested alongside his manager as a move by the county’s governor to end rapid ghost workers, Daily Nation reports.

The officer, whose name was not released to the public, was taken to Mbale Police Station together with the manager while a third suspect escaped.

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Confirming the arrest, county’s Public Service Executive Paul Mbuni revealed that the wife had been receiving payments despite her not being an employee of the county.

The revelations first came to the open in July 2018, after an audit into the county’s records revealed that seven children had been hired by the county and were on active payroll.

According to a document released by Governor Wilberforce Ottichilo at the time, the children had tweaked certain details in order to conceal their real ages.

It was also revealed that the minors earned a salary of Ksh 25,000 and that they shared bank accounts with adults.

As a result, the governor ordered that all the minors be taken off the payroll while promising stern action against all those involved.

The two will stay in custody awaiting the conclusion of investigations before being arraigned in court.

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