DPP Haji succumbs to Ruto’s allies pressure, list most corrupt tribes

Corruption is a nightmare in Kenya and the graft war has created rift among lawmakers.

Some claiming their tribe is being targeted.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Noordin Haji, has profiled those caught up in corruption cases into tribes to dispel statements by politicians accusing him of targeting certain tribes and communities in his anti-corruption fight.

In a rare move, the DPP profiled the cases into tribes as below

Mr. Haji made public the list of shame he compiled since he assumed office in April 2018 when he appeared on Citizen TV.

  1. Kikuyus-141
  2. Somali/Borana-60
  3. Luo-56
  4. Kalenjins-46
  5. Kisii-37
  6. Swahili/Mijikenda-34
  7. Kamba-31
  8. Luhya-29
  9. Indian-15
  10. Embu-5
  11. Turkana-3
  12. Samburu-1

Suspects from President Kenyatta’s community top the list. Kikuyus are Kenya’s most populous tribe.

ODM leader Raila Odinga’s community has 56 while Mr. Ruto’s tribe has 46. Samburu’s impressively having only 1 person in the list.

“You are a criminal no matter your tribe; what you have done is steal from Kenyans and you must face the law. It is sad that we are trying to politicize and tribalize the whole issue here,” Mr. Haji said.

The DPP carried a file that comprised statistics of the accused persons by the ethnic tribe and said those who stole from Kenyans should carry their own cross and stop dragging their tribes and communities into the cases.

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