We are President Kenyatta’s errand boys, DPP Haji responds to Ruto’s ally

Governor Stephen Sang is on the watch as the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji responded to to his harsh remarks about him and the Director of Criminal Investigation George Kinoti following their commitment to fight corruption.

While speaking at the in a tv interview, responded to Governor Sang remarks where he termed them as President Kenyatta’s errand boys.

According to Haji, the remarks were unheard off especially coming from someone the country is looking upto as a leader terming them as reckless and derogatory

“Let leaders desist from such derogatory remarks. If the governor has proof in support of his claims then let him present it,” he said.

He further added saying that he is indeed an errand boys of the public and all Kenyans whom they are in office to serve.

“It’s true that we are errand boys of Kenyans because we are here to work for them,” added Noordin.

His sentiment came a time when Governor Sang’ and other Kalenjin leaders are claimed that Uhuru Kenyatta is targetting a particular tribe to fight graft.

This was based on the fact that many of the individuals mentioned in the corruption cases are Kalenjins with majority been associated to DP Ruto including his close ally Ken Osinde, CS Henry Rotich who was interrogated for four consecutive days by the DCI following his mismanagemet of the dam funds.

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