Why The Hypocrite in all these Jubilee Shenanigans is None Other than Uhuru Kenyatta

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From the ongoing Political conversations around the Country, it is clearly evident that Kenyans are finally catching on.

The hypocrite in all these Jubilee shenanigans is none other than the President. You cannot work with Ruto to pilfer the country to its knees and then turn around and say Ruto is the corrupt one, yet your own re-election to the Presidency stemmed from obvious infractions you so willingly participated in or allowed to happen for your benefit. It is the worst form of conman-ship you cannot gain from a crime and then purport to report and fight that crime.

The wanton looting and systematic destruction of the Kenyan economy has happened under the watch of Uhuru Kenyatta not William Ruto. Even if Ruto may have outdone his boss in stealing the person who bares the greatest responsibility for this failed Jubilee administration is non other than Uhuru Kenyatta.

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He should therefore bare his failure and stop pushing it on others by trying to apportion the blame elsewhere. This is why i just can understand Raila. I have never understood why he accepted the handshake which we all know was pushed by Kenyatta family members who feared their son was already a lame duck President having lost any legitimacy to govern due to the extremely flawed electoral process.

Uhuru was virtually headed nowhere in fact he would be either facing impeachment or having been neutered politically by Ruto were it not for the handshake. So why would Raila intervene and come to Uhuru’s aid i dont know? He should have allowed the Jubilee house of card to come tumbling down on its own without him looking like the force behind it.

The two Jubilee thugs will now blame their failure on Raila instead of them accepting that they were not up to the task of President or Deputy President. Kenyans must wake up and see Jubilee for what it is, Kanu in blue Jeans, and it is time to get rid of all of them.

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