Sonko Calls For Raila, Ruto Unity

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has called for the unity between the deputy president William Ruto and his counterpart Raila Odinga

Speaking on Tuesday when he visited the Toi market fire victims, Sonko insisted that their is need for the two leaders to come together and avoid further misunderstandings that are going to derail peaceful co-existence and developments in the country.

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”As Nairobi Governor, I call upon the two leaders to sit down and come to a mutual agreement as far as working together is concerned. And if it is about 2022, let us make handshake line ups. Let us not incite one another when leaders are throwing words on each other as this will cause divisions” reiterated Sonko.

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He keenly observed that in 2017 elections, Raila an President Kenyatta were on two opposing camps, but immediately after the handshake, the two leaders embraced each other, a move that helped cooled political temperatures in the country.

Sonko Proposed a creation of a committee that is going to bring the two leaders together adding that he is willing to gather for all the costs that the committee will need in order to facilitate this move. He added that the unity is going to support the president in his move to fight corruption as well as uniting the country.

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Sonko observed with concerns that by leaders each using their close political confidants to spat venom and incite each other, Kenya is definitely going to its state in 2007. He also called on them to involve church leaders as this will ease the tension and bring them together.

”Ruto and Raila should control their words in public as they will ignite hate among their followers who in the end will cause violence in the country that has been witnessing peace” he said.

This came even as the two leaders continue to throw jabs at each other with Raila accusing Ruto of masterminding the Grand Corruption scandals that are currently being witnessed in Kenya.

Here’s a video of the recent words exchange between Ruto and Raila

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