Sema levels! Jose Chameleone gifts son Ksh 58K TV set

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Jose Chameleone is winning big both music and family wise, thanks to his hard work.

For a long time now, Chameleone have been promoting and motivating his children whenever they show interest to win in any activity.

From loudly cheering them on while in sporting activities to rewarding them for putting up excellent performances in their studies, the singer does something which is not so common with most African parents.

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Chameleone and family

Chameleone’s son has been the Ugandan junior champion in swimming competitions and his latest was in the US.

“When a child excels, You reward them! It makes their winning hearts built even bigger Abba MarcusΒ enjoy your new tv in your room, big boy!! Keep winning.” he shared.

The Samsung UHD 55-inch 6 series MU6300 TV goes for about $589 online. That is approximately Ksh 59,000.

This reminds me of when I was young, my mum promised to buy me an airplane which later I noticed it was an hoax. I worked hard anyway.

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