MCAs put Sonko’s D+ CEC nominee on the spot

Nairobi county boss is in the efforts of restructuring his administration by filling the dockets that have remained empty for a long period of time. But does it mean that Governor Mike Sonko’ cannot nominate a competent person on his own? Or is it the reason as to why he nominated Miguna Miguna as his deputy? Well, Sonko’s nominee for Environment CEC was put on the spot on Monday over her D+ KCSE grade.

Sonia Birdi, former URP nominated MP, told the Nairobi county assembly Committee on Appointments she will deliver. 

Former United Republican Party (URP) nominated MP Sanjeev Kaur Sonia Birdi appearing before the Nairobi County Assembly Committee on Appointments on March 11, 2019 for vetting

“If I was not positive on the change I want to make, I wouldn’t have applied for the position. That D+ in my paper is not a failure but what I can bring on the table,” she said.

Birdi studied at Loreto Convent Msongari School.

Committee chairperson Chege Mwaura said Birdi was hostile as she refused to answer simple questions on the environment.

Birdi refused to say where the Dandora dumpsite is located, the source of the Nairobi River and its length. She complained that some questions were insulting.

“I’m sorry, chair, but I’m not a student and I’m not going to answer questions that are asked insultingly,” Birdi said.

Roysambu MCA Peter Warutere said she was hostile and had no knowledge of the environment.

Majority leader Abdi Guyo asked Birdi to explain whether her conduct was in order when she and Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter caused a disturbance at the Gilgil weighbridge on January 24, 2015.

“The Leadership and Integrity chapter of the Constitution states that a state officer shall carry out duties of the office in a manner that maintains public confidence in the integrity of the office. On that day, can you tell the committee if your conduct where you were caught shouting contravenes this provision?” Guyo asked.

Birdi asked Guyo to produce the video clip of her shouting. “The matter is in the court and I cannot speak about my conduct on that day, I apologise for that. But if you are a leader and citizens call you to duty, you go,” she said.

Birdi told the committee she was not married because no man has proposed to her.

The former legislator failed to submit her bachelor’s degree, saying while living in the UK her house was broken into and she lost all her papers.

She said if appointed she will spend the next three years cleaning up Nairobi.

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