Are you scared of your man’s female friend?

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Ladies! Are you scared of your bae’s female friend?

You need to hear this. I know you have your good man right there, who in his heart has you amongst his special things in life. He will take you as a priority. Yes, priority. But he has other important things attached to him. He has that female friend who he keeps on texting her day and night and he seems not to care at all.

You will feel insecure, even president himself fears opposition, and it is human. But it should not get deep into you to the extent of taking your life. God forbid.

Men do have women as their best friends and should love them as Christ loves the church.

Now as I was saying, you need have to put up with the situation unless you want to break their friendship. Sometimes they take stunning pictures that you have never had a chance to take in your relationship with him and she goes on with a cool hashtag ‘#bffthings’   or even better ‘Fam’ with love emoji and you are seated there wondering why they didn’t even date in the first place.

Of Course, you are new in his life, perhaps he dated her but things never went good and they settled as friends, so be sure that you are beautiful than that female friend of his,that’s why he chose you.

So stop these petty feelings and be sure that you got a man, he calls you bae and that’s a priority. He has to make his social life a better one and not only clued to you. They probably might have a good past or they share something in common that keeps them close, respect his choices knowing that you part of them.

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