OMG!! Huu ni uchawi! Man walks wrapped up with mutton

Police officers are investigating one man who was cabbed moving around wrapped up with slaughtered goat meat.

An amateur video is making rounds on social media the man carrying goat meat hidden under his jacket.

The video taken in an unknown location has left social media users wondering at the expertise of the man who managed to wrap himself with the two halves of the slaughtered goat.

He was filmed while being grilled by police officers.

The video starts with the police asking the suspect, who only identified himself as Aloice, to remove the jacket and t-shirt he was wearing.

The goat meat hanged from his shoulders and are held in place by a rope tied to the man’s chest area.

The police ask him to explain where he got the meat and he confesses to have slaughtered a goat that he found unattended in the hills.

“Nilitoa huko kwa milima, ilikuwa pekee yake na haikuwa na mwenyewe,” he said.

An officer is heard saying “hakuna vile alifanya hii mambo yote pekee yake huyu hawezi kosa wenzake.”

It is not clear where he was taking the meat but officers are heard saying that investigation into the matter are ongoing.

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