NTV Anchor Forced To Apologize For His Reaction On Ethiopian Plane Crash

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NTV Kenya senior business anchor Dan Mwangi has tendered his sincere apology to family and friends of Ethiopian Airlines plane crash after online community accused him of trivialising death.

Through graphics, Mwangi illustrated how the ill-fated flight may have come down and towards the end of simulations, he was captured brushing off smoke from the animated wreckage.


However, despite his good intentions and attempt to draw a picture of the accident, many viewers were rubbed the wrong way by the animations. As soon as the complaints reached the news star while on air, he expressed regret as he signed off.

“I acknowledge that in our skew towards the graphics, while trying to paint a fairly tangible picture it came across as something else, the line was crossed regrettably,”he wrote.

The Nairobi-bound from Addis Ababa capital city crashed at around Bishoftu (Debre Zeit) on Sunday, March 10, killing 157 people including eight cabin crew members.

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