Nakuru and Thika might graduate to cities after a new law signed by the president

Counties have been given powers to review and classify their various urban and rural centres as either city, municipality or town.

The bill that would require them to do that has just been signed into law by the president.

While consenting into law the Urban Areas and Cities Amendment Bill, Uhuru praised the Senate for acting with speed in passing laws proposed to quicken the proficient and quality administration conveyance.

The new law would empower County Governments to audit the criteria accommodated grouping a region as a city, municipality, town or market focus.

Under the new law, the quantity of the inhabitant populace required for a city has been diminished considerably, from 500,000 to 250,000 individuals.

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A similar law enables a province to announce a urban region a region in the event that it has an occupant populace of somewhere around 50,000 inhabitants.

For a region to be pronounced a town it must have somewhere around a populace of 10,000 occupants. A market focus would just require a populace of no less than 2,000 inhabitants.

The law proposes foundation of sheets to oversee and oversee urban communities and districts.

It likewise traces prerequisites of the individuals will’s identity delegated to deal with the concerned sheets.

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