Mysterious body with contradicting injuries report from police and eye witness

The rate of crime especially murder in Kenya is alarming as it has become almost rare for the nation not to wake up to a murder news.

In a mysterious case,police in Migori are looking for relatives of a man whose body was found on Monday in unique spots.

Migori Police Commander Joseph Nthenge said that they have been unable to identify the two bodies.In the first incident, residents at Resort village within Migori town called the police after unknown body of a man was spotted floating in the river. 

“Police and members of the public managed pulled a body of a middle-aged man floating in the river,” Nthenge said.

He also insisted that the body of the deceased did not have injuries according to a police report, which was different from a witness account. 

“Our report reads that the body had no external injuries. We can’t say if he was beaten or thrown away, we are waiting for postmortem,” he added. 

Victor Owino, a witness, however, contradicted the police accounts saying that the body of the deceased had injuries.

“The body had two deep wounds on the neck when it was being pulled from the river,” he said

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