‘infertility’..Raila Junior reveals most trying time in marriage

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Life is full of strengthening trials that spare no one. Raila Odinga’s son Raila Junior has opened up over the most trying time in his marriage in an interview with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japani.

The business man has revealed that the day he lost his older brother Fidel Odinga his family was served the biggest blow of their life as he took good care of them as the first born of the family.

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Further on in the interview he revealed that together with his lovely wife they stayed a whole five years without a child before they were blessed with a son.

“Tulikaa kwa miaka mitano bila kupata mtoto, sikuweza kumsukuma bibi yangu kwa maana kila mtu alikuwa anasukumwa nje na marafiki,

“Baadaye na mshukuru Mungu kwa sababu aliweza kutubariki na mtoto mvulana,” narrated Raila Jumior.


Image result for images of Raila Junior with family

“We stayed for five years without a child, I couldn’t push my wife because everyone was being pushed by outside sources.

“Later on I thank God because He blessed us with a baby boy”.

Truly nothing is impossibles with faith.The two have inspired families going through the same trial to hang in there and trust in God’s plan.

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