Drunk man lying next to the road meets cold death while intoxicated

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Shock grappled the people of Migori when they woke up to dead bodies in the town with no clue of the murder of one.

In the first incident, residents at Resort village within Migori town called the police after unknown body of a man was spotted floating in the river.

Migori Police Commander Joseph Nthenge said that they have been unable to identify the two bodies.

“Police and members of the public managed pulled a body of a middle-aged man floating in the river,” Nthenge said.

The second incident was in Kuria East, where road construction at Kegonga town turned tragic after a grader was alleged to have killed a man believed to have been drunk and lying next to the road.

“The man was sleeping next to the road, maybe he was drunk. The grader pushed him around and people noticed him,” Nthenge said.

He said people raised the alarm, but it was too late.

The two bodies were transferred to Migori County level four Hospital mortuary waiting for an autopsy to be done.Police are continuing to seek public assistance to help them identify the two.

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