Catholic Church faithfuls demonstrate over Bishop blackmail

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Catholic Church Faithfuls of St Mary’s Immaculate Otho in Muhuru Bay on demonstrated over what they said was blackmail.

The faithful took a swipe at the Arch Bishop Phillip Anyollo for allegedly transferring the parish which was intended to be at Otho Church.

The members claimed the new parish is located over ten kilometres across the lake making it difficult to access the Sunday services.

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Dominic Orati Achola who is a church member said the members would not channel their contributions to the newly established parish located at Muhuru Bay.

“This Church was intended to be a mission by Father Oliech but after he had been transferred, the incumbent Father colluded with some individuals to divert the Parish to Muhuru Bay,” said Orati.

Hellen Ogombe, another faithful said they were not consulted before the decision to transfer the parish to Muhuru Bay was reached. 

 “We cannot move to the new establishment because we were never consulted. Father Nyagah compromised the earlier agreement reached by the Bishop when he visited the church last year.” Hellen said.

When approached for comments, Father Edwin Watembo of Muhuru Parish confirmed the allegations saying the matter rests with the Arch Bishop who is currently on official duty in Germany.

“I’m aware there are complaints lodged by the said church and the matter is currently with the Arch Bishop who will address the matter when he gets back to the country.” Said  Father Watembo.

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