Atwoli calls for the arrest of CS Macharia

The vocal Trade Unionist Francis Atwoli has condemned the Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia for insulting the striking JKIA workers.

While speaking during a TV Atwoli claimed that CS Macharia’s way of handling the workers was primitive adding that Kenya has a free and independent labour movement.”

He further called on the authorities to arrest’ CS Macharia and probe him for defying the worker’s plea issued a week earlier before the operations were paralyzed.

“President Uhuru means well for this country but he has no cabinet, no advisers; he has nobody who understands local and international issues,”he added

In addition he said that CS Macharia does not fit to serve as Cabinet Secretary.”

Atwoli added that the Kenya aviation workers strike was legit and the government is to blame for lack of prompt response after the union showed interest to go on strike.

“The workers have every right to strike.KAWU is a registered trade union. If I was the president CS Macharia would have gone home because it means he has not built the capacity to handle labour relation issues,” he said.

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