VIDEO: American Rapper Nicki Minaj booed by angry fans after last minute cancel of her show

Popular American Rapper Nicki Minaj was booed by angry fans who ended up screaming and calling the name of her greatest competitor Cardi B.

The fans who were waiting on her for a show were angered by the last minute announcement that the show had been cancelled due to technical issues.

Nicki Minaj was expected to perform in Bordeaux, France this weekend and she says that they had confirmed that everything was okay until three hours into the show, when they were told that the building did not have enough power to facilitate her show.

The Rapper says that she was equally disappointed since she was excited to show some love to her fans.

The fans who had already turned up for the grand concert were asked to get their refunds of their tickets.

Despite Nicki Minaj clarification on the technical issues, some claim that the reason why the show was cancelled was because of low ticket sales.

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This is the second time for the incident to happen since she kick started her Nicki Minaj Tour.

The Artist explained that the two happenings might also be because she had never performed in those two cities and they let her down by not informing her about the faults earlier.

She however maintains that it is normal for artists to postpones shows sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances.

Nicki Minaj also added that she loves her fans and will make it up to them soon.

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