Vanessa Mdee opens up about the death of her father and sister

Tanzanian Singer Vanessa Mdee has decided to open up about the death of her father which happened 12 years ago and first born sister who died 2 years ago.

Vanessa broke down and opened up after facing criticism and almost being labelled as an artist who does not attend burials in Tanzania.

This comes after the most recent deaths of the two clouds media staff, Boss Ruge and the radio presenter who passed on last week.

Tanzanians had questioned why she did not join mourners in posting the rest in peace social media posts and some even doubted that she was present during the burial.

Vanessa Mdee said that she had decided to remain silent on the critics but she felt the need to address the matter.

In a long Instagram post, Vanessa confirmed that she was present and the reason why she did not make her presence public is because she believes that death calls for mourning and being part of a funeral does not require one to brag about it in the public as they would in other fun occasions.

Vanessa says that death is indeed painful and she mourns just like anyone else.

The Musician revealed that it has been 12 years since she lost her father and 2 years since she lost her sister. She also added that most people might not know that she even lost her close family since she chooses to mourn and remember them in silence.

She says that when someone loses their loved one they need to be comforted and for her, she came to realize that it is only God who can provide relief in such situations.

Have a look at her full post.

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