Popular comedian talks of how he beat his father to protect his mother

Domestic violence greatly affects children who are left torn between how right marriage should be. Churchill comedian, YY has admitted how he always stood by his mom to make her happy since his father was so violent.

He says that he learnt to cook at 7 years because he spent much time with his mother; ” My mum was a businesswoman and most of the times I wanted to be around her because my dad was abusive.”

His father would come home drunk and beat up his mother that’s why he was close to her to help her in house chores; “Sometimes, I would try to fight my dad to protect my mother. It really affected my childhood life.
After he died, I used to think that if my dad was there, life would be better, but I remembered the trouble he brought to my mum.”

YY urged men to respect women and to avoid physically abusing them; “I grew up knowing how to respect women and take care of them. It really helped me grow up so fast. I’m dating and there are things I learnt from my abusive dad: to never disrespect any woman.”

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