Kimani Ngunjiri defending his 2022 seat

Bahati member of parliament Kimani Ngunjiri is now defending his seat come 2022.

He is among the few legislators in Nakuru County who have the balls to speak their mind.

However, his recent outbursts against President Uhuru Kenyatta were a major political blunder.

Uhuru is the de facto political kingpin in Nakuru and as such, any leader who wants to be elected into office with much ease must ‘worship’ Kenyatta.

In Bahati for example, Kenyatta garnered close to 90% of all the votes cast.

This is contrary to what Ngunjiri garnered as MP. In political mathematics, the outcome shows that Uhuru is more popular in Bahati than Ngunjiri.

If the vocal MP wants to remain MP in the area post-2022, he must, therefore, start hunting for Uhuru’s ‘blessings’.

A free piece of advice to the Kanu-era politician is to drop his pro-DP Ruto attack dog tag and start speaking the language of the President.

To start with, Ngunjiri should call for a press conference and apologize to Uhuru as Gatundu South Moses Kuria did.

After that, he should declare support for a constitutional change and the war on graft.

After doing that, the MP should book an appointment with State House where he will go and confess his sins before repenting and asking for forgiveness.

After that, he should book Uhuru’s endorsement for the Bahati seat come 2022!

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